In the first 5 years of life, a child’s brain grows at an astounding rate determining how they think, learn and behave. These first 5 years are critical to a child’s ability to succeed in life.

A child’s brain development depends on three things - good nutrition, stimulation and protection. By providing these, parents can make a huge and positive difference to their child’s development.

But development doesn’t only take place at home.

Giving children access to quality preschool learning opportunities between the ages of 3 and 5 years is vital to their development.

A quality preschool is a place where trained teachers help children learn through play, fostering cognitive and language development and social and emotional competencies.

These skills are critical for success in school and in life.

In Sri Lanka, too many children miss out on the benefits of quality pre-school. In fact only 48.7% of 3-5 year old’s attend pre-school*

We can change this NOW.


'I call on the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure that all children under five benefit from at least one year of quality pre-school, giving them the best chance to succeed in school and life.'

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Did you know that the first 5 years of life - especially the first 1,000 days - offer an unparalleled opportunity to build the brains of the children who will build the future!

A child’s brain development depends on three things: good nutrition, stimulation and protection or ‘eat, play, love’ By providing nutritious food, interacting and playing simple games, and providing love and care, parents can make a huge and positive difference to their child’s development.

Want to know how?

Just watch our three fun 2 minute ‘Parent Masterclasses’ where famous musician Jananath Warakagoda, former national rugby captain Fazil Marija, and broadcaster K C Pragash show how – through simple actions – every parents can help to grow their babies’ brains!

EAT: How to ‘cook up a storm’ for your baby, with K C Pragash

Fun Fact: Did you know, proper nutrition is especially important during a child’s early growth and development. Up to 75% of the energy derived from food goes toward brain development!

PLAY: How to ‘drum-up’ more PLAY in your child’s life, with Jananath Warakagoda

Fun Fact: Did you know that five minutes of play can spark 300,000 brain connections and can help lay the foundation for lifelong learning!

LOVE: How to ‘pass’ on the LOVE to your child, with Fazil Marija

Fun Fact: Did you known that when your child feels safe and loved, it sparks brain connections, making it possible for them to explore the world and learn from it.

ආහාර ගැනීම: කේ.ඩී.ප්‍රගාශ් ඉදිරිපත් කරන ඔබගේ දරුවාට කෑම රුචිය ඇතිකළ හැකි ආකාරය.

රසවත් කරුණක්: දරුවාගේ මුල් වර්ධනයේ දී සහ සංවර්ධනයේ දී නිසි පෝෂණය විශේෂයෙන් වැදගත් වන බව ඔබ දැන සිටියේද? ආහාරවලින් ලැබෙන ශක්තියෙන් සියයට 75ක්ම මොළයේ වර්ධනයට යෙදවේ!

ක්‍රිඩා කිරීම: ඔබගේ දරුවාගේ දිවියේ තවත් ක්‍රිඩා කිරීම් සඳහා වාදනය වැදගත් වන ආකාරය, ජයනාත් වරකාගොඩ සමගින්

රසවත් කරුණක්: විනාඩි 05 ක් ක්‍රිඩා කිරීමෙන් මොළයේ ස්නායු තුන් ලක්‍ෂයක් පමණ උත්තේජනය කළ හැකි බව සහ දිවිය පුරා ඉගෙනුම සඳහා පදනමක් දැමීමෙන් උදව් කළ හැකි බව ඔබ දන්නේද?

ආදරය: ඔබේ දරුවාට ආදරය කළ හැක්කේ කෙසේද? ෆසිල් මරිජා සමගින්

රසවත් කරුණක්: තමා සුරක්‍ෂිත සහ ආදරය ලබන තැනැත්තෙකු බවට ඔබේ දරුවා සිතන විට එමගින් මොළයේ සම්බන්ධතා පුබුදුවයි. එමගින් ඔවුන්ට ලෝකය ගවේෂණය කරමින් එයින් ඉගෙනීමට හැකිවෙයි.

உணவு: கே.டி.பிரகாஷ் வழங்கும், உங்கள் பிள்ளைக்கு உணவில் எவ்வாறு பிரியம் ஏற்படுத்தல்எப்படி

விநோதத் தகவல்: பிள்ளையின் ஆரம்ப கால வளர்ச்சியிலும் அபிவிருத்தியிலும் முறையான போஷாக்கு மிகவும் முக்கியமானது என்பதை அறிவீர்களா? உணவில் இருந்து பெறப்படும் சக்தியில் 75 சதவீதம் மூளை அபிவிருத்திக்குப் பயன்படுத்தப்படுகிறது!

விளையாட்டு: ஜனநாத் வரக்காகொட வழங்கும், உஙகள் பிள்ளையின் வாழ்க்கையில் விளையாட்டுத் திறனை எவ்வாறு அதிகரித்தல்

ிநோதத் தகவல்: ஐந்து நிமிட விளையாட்டு மூளையில் 300,000 தொடர்புகளை ஏற்படுத்தி, ஆயுட்கால கற்றலுக்கான அடித்தளத்தை கட்டமைக்க உதவுகிறது என்பதை அறிவீர்களா!

அன்பு: ஃபஸீல் மர்ஜா வழங்கும், உங்கள் பிள்ளைக்கு எவ்வாறு அன்பு காட்டுதல்

விநோதத் தகவல்: உங்களது பிள்ளை அன்பு செலுத்தப்பட்டு, தாம் பாதுகாப்பாக இருக்கிறோம் என்பதை உணாகையில், மூளைத் தொடர்புகள் தூண்டப்பட்டு, அதன் மூலம் உலகை ஆராய்ந்து, கற்கும் சாத்தியம் அதிகமாகிறது என்பதை அறிவீர்களா!

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In the first years of life, neurons in our brain form new connections at the astounding rate of 700–1,000 per second – a pace never repeated again.

These connections are the building blocks of a child’s future. But if a child is poorly nourished and nurtured, if she isn’t stimulated properly and protected from violence, then her development is seriously affected, sometimes irreversibly.

A child whose brain does not develop properly may not learn as well or earn as much. Not developing to her full potential hurts both her and society.

The first 1,000 days have a significant effect on a child’s future. We have one chance to get it right

For every child, early moments matter.

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